Manufacturer of wheels and technical moulded parts in polyurethane

Vulkoprin is designing and producing a full range of polyurethanes to be able to withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, wear and deformation.


Vulkollan® is the benchmark polyurethane elastomer in the market, combining excellent mechanical properties for highest dynamical load bearing capacity and abrasion resistance. No other type of polyurethane offers an optimal mix of properties over a wide temperature range. Reliable performance and maximum service life are the main distinguishing factors of Vulkoprin Vulkollan® wheels. This is why you will find Vulkollan® in the most demanding applications.

With the Printhane™ polyurethanes, Vulkoprin has succeeded in accentuating certain properties for specific applications, such as Printhane™ -X that was developed specifically for fast roller coasters, or Printhane™ GRIP to give more grip in drive applications.

Printhopan® is a thermoplastic polyurethane. The elasticity of the Printhopan® TPU ensures that the guiding roller is silent, very durable and resistant to oil and grease.

Easyroll™ is a super elastic rubber in 65 Shore A.



Vulkoprin designs and manufactures a complete range of PUR drive and load wheels for forklifts, AGVs (Automated Guide Vehicles), stacker cranes, shuttles and heavy-load transporters.




Reliable performance and a maximum life span are the main differentiators of Vulkoprin wheels and technical parts in machine design.


Global partner for amusement parks and ride manufacturers.




One-stop-shop of standard- and customized wheels and technical moulded parts for most applications. Go to the standard catalogue.

Passion for wheels
& technical products
in polyurethane

Family owned company, located in Tielt (Belgium)
60 years of experience
In-house design, engineering & production
Single source responsability
Vulkollan® licenced
Global customer base in material handling-, machinery- and theme park industry
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ecovadis committed

Vulkoprin sustainability rating ecovadis "committed"

Vulkoprin develops, implements, monitors and evaluates an organizational policy aimed at continuously reducing waste and using raw materials more efficiently.

Vulkoprin is "supplier of the year" of Toyota Material Handling Europe

“Vulkoprin’s clear customer focus, strong leadership, modern highly automated production unit, stable cost-efficient output, low quality issues and total transparency are the reasons why we decided to award Vulkoprin as supplier of the year” says Giorgio Polonio, Vice President Purchasing Toyota Material Handling Europe.


Vulkoprin is finalist of the UTECH Europe Awards 2024 - Polyurethane processor award