Receive a quotation tailored to your application

If the standard product does not match your application, adjust the sizes by clicking and overwriting them.
  • Select the requested product by adding the Vulkoprin item number or by using the filters.
  • Item numbers starting with VK_ = Vulkollan®  polyurethane,  with WK_ = thermoplastic polyurethane, with PL_ = polyamide, with R or EN = rubber.
  • By pressing the orange arrow next to the item number, more details and a picture of the item becomes visible. For selected items a .stp file can be downloaded.
  • Enter the quantities and push the button “RFQ”.
  • Check the request for quotation basket, enter your credentials and send us the request.


  • More information about the product solutions: Products


The product finder is only available on desktop. Please use a device with a larger screen.