A. AGV wheels

Vulkoprin designs and manufactures custom wheels and castors that meet the most demanding AGV systems.

Vulkoprin applications are particularly suitable for intensive use with heavy loads on all types of hard industrial floors. The wheels have a low rolling resistance and a high rolling comfort.

Our engineering is available to support in the design of your customized wheel.
Download a 3D-drawing to intregrate in your design.


Vulkollan® polyurethane , Printhane™ polyurethane

Wheel center

Cast iron, steel or aluminium with precision ball bearings


H7 bore (H) or H7 bore with keyway (S)


Without keyway, grooves on tread, roughened tread, corrosion-resistant wheel core treatment*, hydrolysis-resistant tyre treatment*, anodising, specific wheel core coating, electrically conductive tyre**, convex or concave tread, alternative hardnesses for more grip or higher load capacity


*Hydrolise-resistant formulations for hot and humid environments

**Printhane-C™ is an electrically conductive Vulkollan® that complies with standards EN12527 to EN12533. An ideal solution for applications with a risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD).


The Vulkollan® tread material is particularly suitable for use in AGVs. It offers the optimal mix of mechanical properties designed for 24/7 demanding applications:

• high loadbearing capacity
• low rolling resistance
• perfect bonding
• low wear and tear
• long service life
• large temperature range
• non marking
• good floor preservation
• debris rejecting

Single source responsability


The perfect combination of high elasticity and hardness in a wide temperature range results in wheels with low rolling resistance and perfect bonding.


Our new AGV forks family has been developed from an existing heavy-duty application that has proven its performance for many years.

Wheel + castor

Customers can be sure that the whole wheel or wheel assembly is designed and manufactured by Vulkoprin. They have the guarantee that the agreed configuration, from raw materials to finishing, has been followed up and inspected by Vulkoprin.