Printhane™ is the generic name of the polyurethane elastomers developed by Vulkoprin for specific applications.

With the Printhane™ polyurethanes, Vulkoprin has succeeded in accentuating certain properties for specific applications, such as Printhane™ -X that was developed specifically for fast roller coasters, or Printhane™ GRIP to give more grip in drive applications.

Printhane-X™ has been developed specially for applications with high speeds, which means it is well suited for all amusementpark- & roller coaster applications.

Printhane-C™ is conductive Vulkollan® and meets the standards EN12527 through EN12533. It finds application in environments with a higher risk of explosion, fire or electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Printhane-R™ is a rigid polyurethane for use in applications that require thick-walled plastic parts that shows a high impact-resistance and elasticity and who are non-deforming. This material is a great alternative to parts in milled engineering plastics (polyamide, POM, …).

Printhane-B™ is a polyurethane developed primarily for technical applications or in wheel applications that require more grip.