The Vulkoprin Wheel Team

Family owned company, located in Tielt (Belgium)
60 years of experience
In-house design, engineering & production
In-house test facility
Single source responsabilty
Vulkollan® licenced
Global customer base in material handling-, machinery- and theme park industry


Mission |Competence|

Vulkoprin pursues a business model that creates an economic contribution for all stakeholders.


We want to achieve this as a “preferred supplier” for the  development, production and supply of wheels and technical moldings in polyurethane for companies worldwide in the Material Handling industry, Amusement park sector, Machine industry and MRO.

Vision |Comfort|

Vulkoprin strives  to be an environmentally conscious, operational excellent and lean company.

Vulkoprin links this objective to values around the well-being of its employees, corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainability.


Unique selling proposition |Security| 

Vulkoprin produces wheels and technical mouldings in polyurethane that are guaranteed to handle extreme load, high speeds, different temperatures and deformation.


Vulkoprin is in its sector:


1.Best  in quality: quality developed in accordance with demand and application, manufactured in a “state-of-the-art” production environment

2.Best in efficiency: maximum “value for money”

3.Best in reliability: we strive to keep our promises

| Competence | Comfort | Security |

ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, ecovadis and feedback of our customers confirm that we also achieve our mission.


We received thé award from Toyota Material Handling Europe, which chose Vulkoprin as “Supplier of the year”  in 2021.  “Vulkoprin‘s clear customer focus, strong leadership, modern and highly automated production unit, stable cost-efficient output, low quality issues and total transparency are the reasons why we have decided to reward Vulkoprin as supplier of the year”, says Giorgio Polonio,  Vice President Purchasing Toyota Material Handling Europe.


“Customers from various industries are sure that the entire wheel or wheel assembly is designed and manufactured by Vulkoprin“, says Bart Vermaete, Production Director of Vulkoprin.


“The wheel solutions we manufacture must be able to withstand extreme loads and temperatures, high speeds, wear and deformation”, says Bert Maes CTO and co-owner.


The fully integrated, state-of-the-art production facility allows both individual items and large volumes to be produced. “Developing specific tailor-made solutions together with our customers. This is the Vulkoprin definition of innovation,” says Didier Nulens, Director Sales & Marketing.


ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 confirm the ambitions as an environmentally conscious, operational excellent and lean company. “Vulkoprin connects this certification to values around the well-being of its employees, corporate social responsibility, the environment and sustainability,” says Leen Maes, CEO and co-owner.