8. Technical moulded parts

High-quality polyurethanes are also used for moldings with high wear resistance and semi-finished products such as round, square, rectangular and tubular bars, ready to be sawn, drilled, turned or milled.

Technical mouldings are available in Vulkollan® and Printhane™.

Printhane™ is the collective name of the polyurethane elastomers developed by Vulkoprin for extreme application areas.


Elastic coupling in Vulkollan®.
Semi-finished products in Vulkollan® of Printhane-B™ can be milled, turned, drilled and grinded.
Capping rings, cutting bars, cylinder linings and tension rollers in made of Vulkollan® or Printhane-B™.
Cast pieces made of Printhane-R™. The ideal solution for turned or milled parts in PA or other plastics.
Bumpers, positioning pieces, lifting arms made of Vulkollan® of Printhane-B™
Scrapers, mixing blades, guards, wear plates, separators made of Vulkollan® of Printhane-B™.
Rollers and slides for monorail transport systems, sealing balls, rings for valves and cable wheels made of Vulkollan® of Printhane-B™.
Printhane-B™ as technical moulded part.
Plate material in Printhane-D™ of Cellaprin™.
Positioning item made of Vulkollan®.
Cable conductor made of Vulkollan.
Cable conductor made of Printhane-B™.
Pig donuts™ for pigs made of Printhane-B™.
Safety gate made of Printhane-R™.
Snow scraper made of Printhane-D™.



Printhane-B™ 85 is a polyurethane that was developed mainly for technical applications.

Due to its adapted chemistry, Printhane-B™ 85 is exceptionally well suited for wear, abrasion and cushioning.

The nominal hardness of 85 shore A offers a good compromise between mechanical stiffness and elasticity resulting in good wear resistance.



The material is very suitable for the following applications:

  • Scraper in the concrete industry
  • Concrete preparedness (shape piece)
  • Protection of components in jet cabins
  • Nozzles
  • Templates for blasting
  • Pull blocks in extrusion, pulltrusion, cable laying machines
  • Support blocks, holders, positioning blocks for automotive industry
  • Beam/paint-street templates
  • Bumps
  • Vibrating gutters, hoppers, …
  • Cutting rules, caps, press plates
  • Protection lifting hooks for coils
  • Tool holders
  • Pig’s toy (“pig’s doughnut”)
  • Slides
  • Snow blower plates





Printhane-R™  (“PR” – 85 Shore D) This is a rigid PU for use in applications with thick-walled plastic parts, that have to be impact-resistant, elastic and non-deforming. This material is a great alternative to parts in milled engineering plastics (polyamide, POM, …). PR has fire-retarding properties as well (UL94 grade V0). PR wheel centers covered with Vulkollan® or Printhane can offer a soluton in some applications where corrosion is a problem. Speeds and loads need to be adjusted to this ‘all plastic’-combination.




This material is a great alternative to pieces in milled technical plastics (PA, POM, …).