C. Forklift wheels

Vulkoprin designs and manufactures a full range of drive- and load wheels for forklifts, AGV's (Automated Guide Vehicles), stacker cranes and shuttles. Contact our wheel team for a dealer or personalized quotation.

Vulkoprin is manufacturer of all OEM brands and “Supplier of the year 2021” of Toyota Material Handling.

Properties and function of a pallet truck wheel made of Vulkollan® and Printhane™ polyurethane



Vulkoprin polyurethane guarantees wheels with a high load capacity and low rolling resistance over a wide temperature range. Single source responsability: The design, the selection of materials, the production up to the final assembly and testing is done in-house.


Function of the pallet truck wheel


Castor wheel

When the truck turns or passes a bump, pressure increases on one castor wheel as a result of compression of the spring. Thanks to the torsion tube, the other spring will compress by an identical amount. The truck remains stable and will never start to rock and travel like a ‘walking duck’, a classic phenomenon when spring forces do not interact.


Drive wheel

Because of the central placement of the drive wheel, the machine does not pitch when the wheel regains its grip after spinning, e.g. on wet floors and ramps. With a drive wheel placed off-centre, considerable lateral movement can occur in these situations.


Fork wheel

Possible to choose between single or bogie fork wheel. Single for easy manoeuvring and positioning for long side handling and Bogie for easy climbing on uneven surfaces and heavy loads.