E. Printhane-B™

Printhane-B ™ 75 has been developed for applications requiring a softer tread, offering a better grip.
Printhane-B™ 85 is a polyurethane that was developed mainly for technical applications.


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Technical moulded part
Technical moulded part
Properties Printhane-B ™ 75

In many applications, we are looking for more grip.


This can be achieved by a lower hardness of the tyre.


Softer elastomers provide more mechanical grip because the elastomer better follows the shape of the track. Cast polyurethanes achieve their optimal use properties between 85 and 95 Shore A. However, in recent years softer qualities have improved considerable at that point that the “soft” polyurethanes perform even better as rubbers in longer running times, less wear and ultimately a better TCO.


Printhane-B™ 75 has some very good features which makes it very suitable as a drive wheel:

-a high value for the rebound ensures low rolling resistance and therefore also an low operating temperature

-a low compression set ensures that the wheel does not get a flat side after a longer stop and as a result the starting resistance of the wheel also remains very low

-high elasticity combined with high tensile strength and tear resistance values ensures a very good resistance to wear and tear in drive applications.


Printhane-B™-75 is recognizable by its typical blue color.


  • Pallet stackers

Wheels with a cover in Printhane-B™ 75 find applications as a drive wheel for pallet stackers where more grip is required or less sound is important.

  • Woodworking wheels (drive wheels 4-face,…)
  • Ribbon saw wheels
  • Silent wheels for TV cameras
  • Friction wheel
  • Wheels for polishers
  • Wheels for scissor lifts
Properties Printhane-B™ 85

Printhane-B™ 85 is a polyurethane that was developed mainly for technical applications.


Due to its adapted chemistry, Printhane-B™ 85 is exceptionally well suited for wear, abrasion and cushioning.

The nominal hardness of 85 shore A offers a good compromise between mechanical stiffness and elasticity resulting in good wear resistance.


The material is very suitable for the following applications:

  • Scraper in the concrete industry
  • Concrete preparedness (shape piece)
  • Protection of components in jet cabins
  • Nozzles
  • Templates for blasting
  • Pull blocks in extrusion, pulltrusion, cable laying machines
  • Support blocks, holders, positioning blocks for automotive industry
  • Beam/paint-street templates
  • Bumps
  • Vibrating gutters, hoppers, …
  • Cutting rules, caps, press plates
  • Protection lifting hooks for coils
  • Tool holders
  • Pig’s toy (“pig’s doughnut”)
  • Slides
  • Snow blower plates