PU tyres

The tyre is the outer part of the wheel that is in contact with the ground or roadway.

– Solid rubber rolls smoothly and silently. However, stiffness and load capacity are limited.
– Polyamide is shock and impact resistant, chemically resistant and wear-resistant. On the other hand, this is a non-elastic material.
– Polyurethane is extremely wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and has excellent rolling properties.


Vulkoprin polyurethanes



Vulkollan® is the benchmark polyurethane elastomer in the market, combining excellent mechanical properties for highest dynamical load bearing capacity and and abrasion resistance. That is why you will find Vulkollan® in the most demanding applications.

In a multistage process developed by Covestro (former Bayer Material Science), solid Vulkollan® is produced through chemical reactions between polyester polyols of the high-quality Vulkollan® range, Desmodur® 15 and glycols. Desmodur® 15 is the trade name for 1,5-naphthylene di-isocyanate (NDI) from Covestro. The ultra-high-performance elastomer covers a hardness range from approx. 65 Shore A up to 60 Shore D.

Vulkollan® can only be manufactured by licensed processors as VULKOPRIN. They produce wheels and castors to deal with highest dynamic loads, technical and semi-finished parts.



is the generic name of the polyurethane elastomers developed by Vulkoprin for specific applications.



Printhopan® is a thermoplastic polyurethane. The elasticity of the Printhopan® TPU ensures that the guiding roller is silent, very durable and resistant to oil and grease.


Vulkoprin rubber

Easyroll™ Rubber

Easyroll™ is a super elastic rubber in 65 Shore A.


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