Printhopan® : the other guide roller

The Vulkoprin Printhopan® guide roller is composed of a high-quality groove ball bearing that is coated with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) via injection molding. The bearing is sealed 2-sided with a ZZ or 2RS seal, and is lubricated for the full life span of the roller.



Printhopan® is a thermoplastic polyurethane. The elasticity of the Printhopan® TPU ensures that the guide roller functions silently. Polyurethane is very resistant to wear, oils, grease and other chemicals. This contributes to the long life of the Printhopan® guide roller, even in dusty or polluted conditions.

Printhopan® is available in 59 Shore D (brown color) and 74 Shore D (light brown color).


The Printhopan® cover is applied around the ball bearing using the technique of injection molding. The fit between the bearing and the elastic cover consists of a shrink fit with which the Printhopan® clamps around the bearing.

To avoid a delamination of the polyurethane of the bearing, there is always a collar on both sides of the bearing. This means that the width of the guid roller is always wider than the bearing width.


The stiffness of the Printhopan® TPU ensures a good connection that allows the function of guide roller to be fulfilled. However, at elevated temperatures, the thermal expansion and the decrease in stiffness will reduce the clamping around the bearing. In certain circumstances, this may result in permanent damage or even to the delamination of the tyre.


The harder variant will heat up less quickly at the same load and speed, and will retain the necessary clamping force around the bearing for longer. This harder variant allows for higher load bearing capacities and/or speeds for the same size.

In case of overload, permanent distortion will occur in the Printhopan® cover. As a result, the clamping force around the bearing may decrease. The groove ball bearing will then ‘walk’ into the tire, which allows it to loose.


The specified loading bearing capabilities are always for intermittend use, with the guide roller not running continuously. At ambient temperatures above 35°C, the admissible load bearing capacity must be adjusted. Contact your wheel expert for more information.


  • Temperature range: -20°C to +35°C, briefly upto +60°C.
  • 59 Shore D (brown color) and 74 Shore D (light brown color).
  • Noise-dampening
  • Resistant to oils, grease and numerous chemicals
  • Non-marking
  • Resistant to wear
  • Average load bearing capacity



– Revolving doors

– Transport lanes (for postal parcels)

– Linear guides

– Chain guides

– Conductors in fitness equipment

– Elevators

– Escalators



Vulkollan® (NDI) guide roller: the ultimate elastomer

Where the Printhopan® guide roller functions well within the limits of a given load bearing capacity and speed, the Vulkollan® (NDI) guide roller is the better solution when these limits are exceeded or a solution for very specific applications is requested. In addition, for wheel applications Vulkollan® is the absolute benchmark material.



Vulkollan® is a thermoset polyurethane. Vulkollan® guide rollers offer not only a high load bearing capacity and high permissible speeds, but also a silent operation. They are, as the Printhopan® rollers, resistant to oil and grease. The exceptional wear resistance ensures a long life in demanding conditions.


The Vulkollan® guide roller can be obtained in 2 versions:

In the first variant, the Vulkollan® is chemically-mechanically attached to the groove ball bearing. The hardness is 92 Shore A. This version can handle a higher load as the Vulkoprin Printhopan® guide roller, but remains limited by its design. All dimensions of the Vulkollan® (NDI) guide roller on ball bearing are identical to the Printhopan® rollers.


The second variant uses a metal wheel center. In this wheel core, a bearing is mounted with a circlips, via riveting or bonding. Only high-quality bearings are used with a ZZ or 2RS seal that are lubricated for the full life of the guide roller.

The metal wheel center (steel, aluminium, stainless steel,..) is thoroughly pre-treated to ensure optimal adhesion with the polyurethane.


Different applications are possible in alignment with the requested application. A smooth, convex or conical tread and radial grooves are possible. Hardness of 75, 80, 92 or 95 Shore A are available.

By using a wheel core, the optimal adhesion and the optimized cover thickness, the Vulkollan® guide roller can also be used as a load wheel. If desired, suitable drive rollers are also possible. Contact your wheel expert to support you.


  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C, briefly upto +120°C.
  • 75, 80, 92 or 95 Shore A
  • Noise-dampening
  • Resistant to oils, grease and numerous chemicals
  • Non-marking
  • Very resistant to wear
  • High load bearing capacity



– Revolving doors

– Hravy duty transport lanes for pallets, skids

– Linear guides, high loads, high speeds

– Linear robots and automations

– Guide rollers in warehouse cranes

– Chain and cable guides

– Conveyor belt guide rollers

– Elevators

– Escalators

– Rollers for cable cars in cranes, port cranes

– Transport lanes, skid conveyer roller, …