Printhane-R™: a new excellent material

Printhane-R™ by Vulkoprin


With Printhane-R™, Vulkoprin launches a new material with extraordinary properties.


Printhane-R™ is a rigid polyurethane (85 Shore D!) that can be used in applications needing thick-walled plastic parts that are impact resistant and non-deforming but, at the same time, elastic. Printhane-R™ is, therefore, an excellent alternative to milled nylon parts. The relatively low mold cost means low-cost production, even for small batches. The standard colour is safety yellow, but it can be produced in other colours too. Powder coating and other finishing treatments are possible. The excellent fire-resisting properties also make the material ideal for applications where fire-retarding properties are prescribed for safety reasons.


Possible applications for the new material are:
* positioning pieces in the automotive industry * housings for electric components * industrial remote controllers * proprietary gauges for finished metallic components * belaying pins for yachts * safety and security products.


Safetygate from Amerplastics

For any entrance and exit where a dangerous situation could arise, the small, Intergate glass fibre-reinforced, plastic security gates, made by Amerplastics, are a first-rate solution.
These inexpensive and efficient security gates are designed for openings in fencing or railings. But also for cage ladders, fire escapes, shop-floors, machine and cellar access doors.
The security gates are also dead easy to assemble, with or without an adapter set.


Material properties

  • Self-extinguishing plastic to V0 UL94
  • Safety color yellow RAL 1004
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-corroding
  • Self-closing by gravity
  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • Universal left/right hinge
  • Conforms to EN 4122-3 and 4