Co-engineering custom-made conveyor system


For Ceratec, Vulkoprin has developed a conveyor system tailored to the specific expectations of an industrial end user. Typical for such a process is the close co-operation, with Vulkoprin strengthening customer sustainability through co-engineering.


About co-engineering

In co-engineering assignments, Vulkoprin takes on the task of contributing to problem solving, in consultation with and tailored to the customer. At the same time, it creates targeted knowledge, which helps the customer to improve their know-how. A win-win story! In this particular case, Ceratec has its own design in place for roller coils, with the rolls being made into a more robust design that was co-created with Vulkoprin.


Limited space

The end user, a building material manufacturer, planned to build a conveyor system in order to optimize internal production transport. Building materials are transported with metal carriers from and to so-called “autoclaves” and stackers. However, available space seemed quite limited and would require a compact solution: “The lack of space was a very challenging element. With Vulkoprin, we walked a clear path. Together, we were able to find an appropriate solution”, according to Ceratec’s design & engineering department.


The process: from product specifications to co-engineering

Such a co-engineering process begins with receiving customer specifications document. The subsequent phase of co-engineering provides thorough guidance in the production process to achieve lasting optimization or innovations. A successful process starts with a detailed analysis of needs and technical design. The specific problem poses the need for specific contributions in the field of materials and technologies. As a co-engineering partner, Vulkoprin will formulate solutions from within its knowledge framework. Extensive studies and calculations follow, among other things, to determine the correct dimensioning of the wheel. The chosen wheel solution is then extensively tested on our own testing machines. The results will be discussed with the customer and adjustments follow where necessary.


The solution

With technical features such as maximum capacity and compact engineering, Printhane 95 ° shore A clearly showed to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution.


Ready-to-use solutions

Ceratec is a Belgian-based technology and engineering company that offers ready-to-use innovative solutions of machines and systems, including installation. An important part of their activity is handling and logistics solutions, including conveyor systems. The company employs over 450 staff.