Vulkoprin nv | Quality survey

In the latest customer survey our customers gave an NPS of +10.

For 55 years now, Belgium based family company Vulkoprin nv has been designing and producing a full range of polyurethanes that meet the requirements of the most demanding technical applications. Under ‘Quality in motion’, Vulkoprin has the ambition to be your trusted partner. The Vulkoprin Wheel Team values your opinion and would like to inform about your actual experience on our cooperation.


What our customers value about Vulkoprin

“Technical knowledge on PU products”  7-2-2023 13:52


“Proud to be Vulkoprin partner”  7-2-2023 12:15


“Sales team and responsible persons always available”  7-2-2023 12:15


“Good product for new markets we wish to penetrate”  7-2-2023 12:04


“Specific products that are often not found or offered by competitors” 18-8-2022 09:15


“Long history and accepted design and quality”  17-8-2022 17:59


“Availability the required products with acceptable Prices / Quality”  28-3-2022 15:28


“Fast response, reasonable pricing, good product” 18-8-2022 09:48


“Most of our OEM fitted your brand as well your more suitable for our operation”  18-2-2022 04:08