Do not like the sound of breaking glass


The company is a producer of Glass Production Lines, Glass Washing Machines and Glass Processing Machines.
They pioneer within the Glass Industry and can either provide stand-alone machines or complete turn key projects.
Their expansion drift the last couple of years resulted in the construction of a new factory.


The challenge

Within the Washing Machines the Vulkollan® rollers need to operate in wet conditions at a higher than ambient temperature and can become by consequence less resistant to hydrolysis over time.
The customer wanted Vulkollan® rollers with a max. service life.



Stabaxol is a hydrolysis repellent additive. It finds application in humid environments with a higher risk of hydrolysis.

Adding Stabaxol to the Vulkollan® mix prolongs the service life of these rollers and makes them more resistant to hydrolysis.



This solution offers a prolonged service life of the Vulkollan® rollers used within these machines.


Vulkollan® with added Stabaxol gives these Glass Machines an optimal operating reliability and a prolonged service life, affecting directly the maintenance schedule of these machines.