Less standstill and maintenance

The customer is a well-known and globally active, attraction manufacturer focused on supplying rides for travelling shows and theme parks.
They manufacture dark rides, fun houses, bumper cars and other family & kiddie rides.

Backed up by a well-prepared engineering office together with its highly qualified workers, the firm has dedicated time and resources to the research and development of new attractions, this biggest travelling suspended dark ride is just one of their recent projects.


The challenge
Vulkoprin was contacted almost 2 years ago as the customer was working on this project.

It was discovered that the standard industrial wheels they were using, limited the design of the ride and increased the risk of a temperature build-up in the wheel.
This could cause a delamination of the cover from the wheel and potentially a standstill of the attraction when in use.

Zero faults is always the goal and safety measures are of the utmost importance for the customer.


Vulkoprin designed a custom wheel, with an adapted hub length, according to the customer’s request where the load bearing capacity was met.

Our Vulkollan® 95 Shore A was chosen because of the lower speeds this dark ride travels with.

Vulkollan® 95 Shore A has a high load bearing capacity and Vulkoprin’s production process ensures the adhesive bond between the cast-iron wheel and the Vulkollan® 95 Shore A cover.