Co-engineering overhead track system


Handi-Move is a leading manufacturer of lift and care systems for people with reduced mobility. The company is active globally and aims to develop and distribute highly innovative products. Everything revolves around customer needs and users, with appropriate solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of each specific user.



It was not the body support itself that presented the biggest challenge, but the track system and driving unit. Moisture causes corrosion as well as grip and traction problems. The durability of the products was a major consideration.

And, of course, the safety of the users was a priority.



“We didn’t have a ready-made solution, but thanks to on-going consultations with Vulkoprin (meant), we could arrive at solutions that could be tested, then adjusted and implemented”, adds Frank Peeters.


 The choice of materials plays an important role in finding solutions. The combination of an aluminum anodized core (anti-corrosion) and polyurethane Printhane B75 ° Shore A for the coating proved to be the answer we were looking for. The latter had the best results for grip. It’s also durable and easy to maintain.

In order to enable speedy delivery and continuity, a system of call orders was established, backed by a buffer stock.



“Vulkoprin shares our philosophy of constant innovation. This means being involved in the thinking process, which allows us to be innovative ourselves. That’s why the company is a natural partner for us,” says Frank Peeters, Purchase Manager for Handi-Move (Ninove), one of Vulkoprin’s long-standing customers.

“When we were asked for ceiling systems that could be used in humid environments like swimming pools, bathrooms and showers, we discussed this at length with Vulkoprin,” continues Frank Peeters.