Single source responsability


This company has 40 years of expertise in developing and building sideloaders and custom-built industrial trucks for the transport of long, heavy and bulky goods. For the handling of glass, this market leader develops custom-build transporters.



The glass transporters are used to move jumbo size glass plates on glass mugs up to 42Ton from the end of the production line to the warehouse and transport. When driving, the wheels must overcome extreme axial load. An assignment and challenge for Vulkoprin to develop a wheel with maximum load capacity and fullproof adhesion.



In close cooperation with the customer, Vulkoprin engineers have developed a wheel of 1100mm diameter. Through a computer-controlled adhesion process, the Vulkollan® tyre is optimally connected to an in-house steel welded wheel core. Thé solution for this extremely demanding application.



This personalized design offers a reliable solution with maximum safety. The damping capacity of the Vulkollan® tyre in combination with low rolling resistance and high load capacity, guarantees a smooth and precise manoeuvrability without glass breakage.



Wear-resistant, maximum load-bearing capacity, safety.