Fast and focussed procedures on all levels


Our customer is the European market leader in the manufacture and machining of sheet glass for automotive, the building industry and other sectors. The group has 200 affiliated companies in more than 30 countries. The group targets four market segments: glass, electronics, ceramics and chemicals.



For the replacement of conveyor rings on the production lines, the company sought a reliable and dependable partner within the region of its production sites. Besides the quality requirements of the product, the customer wanted, above all, to forge a long-term business relationship in order to ensure continuity of supply of critical components.



Together with the customer, Vulkoprin developed an alternative solution.



The conveyor rings are manufactured in NBR 75 Shore A. Important in the application are, firstly, meeting the very tight tolerances and, secondly, to stay working across a wide temperature range. After an extensive testing programme, by our customer, at all levels of the production lines, this solution was received very positively. These days, the conveyor rings roll off the production lines in their thousands.