Belgian all-in one product range

Sales support for a consistent quality experience

Vulkoprin has been Clabots’ number one supplier of industrial wheels for decades. As a Belgian industrial supplier, Clabots is committed to working with a Belgian wheel manufacturer. Vulkoprin’s nearby logistics combined with a sustainable Belgian product range means that Clabots is able to guarantee quality and technical uniformity for its customers. “With globalisation, industrial wheels can be bought anywhere through wheel dealers, but the latter can never guarantee the same product range over many years”, says Clabots’ Purchase Manager Ms Lambrechts. “Our customers demand continuity of quality. Not only does Vulkoprin provide a customised product range, tailored for Clabots’ customers, it also deploys the necessary marketing tools.” All articles are provided with barcodes, clear labelling with technical information and attractive signage to draw attention to the product range.

Product training in the shop

Industrial product salespeople need to have some level of understanding of over 1,000 products. A lot of time is diverted to getting acquainted with a product. The sellers in their stores can count on high-quality training provided by Vulkoprin. This allows our customer to fully focus on the selling process of Vulkoprin products itself.

Successful industrial supplier

Clabots was established in 1910 and has been an industrial supplier since it first began. For over 100 years, the company has endeavoured to provide customers with a wide variety of branded products that meet the highest standards, including power tools, industrial equipment and fasteners. 90 employees in 3 different sales locations handle 45,000 in-stock articles and realise an annual turnover of 30 million EUR, a figure that is steadily rising year by year.