Maximum load capacity in combination with a minimum height: up and running


This global player has a passion for material handling systems. For the integration of advanced robot systems with cutting-edge logistics systems, this company develops innovative end-to-end warehouse & distribution systems.



In the development of a new overhead order picking system with integrated shuttles, our customer was looking for wheels with a maximum load capacity in combination with a minimum height. The system is operational 24/7 and moves with an acceleration of 3m/sec². In addition, the number of stops & go’s are frequent.



After a process of calculations and simulation tests on the Vulkoprin simulator, a wheel design with aluminium core was chosen. As the optimal cover for this demanding application, the Vulkoprin polyurethane Printhane-X™ was selected. Printhane-X™ (95 Shore A) is a polyurethane developed by Vulkoprin for high-speed applications such as eg. rollercoasters. The main advantage of this material is a minimal temperature build-up in the tread.



This compact total solution from Vulkoprin offers 24/24 reliability, reducing the probability of unplanned maintenance. Furthermore, this material functions energy efficiently due to the low rolling & driving resistance.



Printhane-X™: Lightweight, heavy duty. High performance & reliability. Minimum rolling resistance and heat built-up.