In he mountains on the safe side


Our customer is a  market leader in the engineering design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of cableways and sloping lifts.
Active worldwide, the group—due to the nature of their products—is often confronted with conditions that are very challenging.



Cableways and lifts are hugely important in many regions because they ensure passenger transport in hard-to-reach places. They are also to be found, of course, in ski areas.
The wheels and cable guides that  Vulkoprin offers to these customers have to operate in varying climatic conditions and have a high operating reliability and safety.

Servicing in this challenging environment is planned maintenance, so it’s important that the expected wear life of the critical components is realised.
Rubber products posed too great a risk of grinding to a halt and needing emergency repairs.



As the preferred supplier, for many years already, of the wheels for their sloping lifts, we also took up the challenge of developing cable guides.

Based on the original design in rubber, we submitted a version in Vulkollan to the customer.



After on-site analysis in real use, the customer noticed that the wear and tear decreased sharply compared to the rubber product and that emergency repairs, due to standstills, were more limited.



In the world of passenger transport, reliability and safety are all important.
Through joint product improvement, Vulkoprin & the customer have succeeded in supplying a reliable, high-quality product.