Update on Corona virus impact

Update on Corona virus (COVID-19) impact

Till today no restrictions on deliveries in raw materials and availability of staff.
Transport of goods within Europe ongoing.
Vulkoprin continues all activities taking the necessary precautions to respect “social distancing”.

Till today Vulkoprin is not facing major disruptions because of the Corona virus.
Production and service availability is guaranteed as long as the Belgian government is allowing us.
We took the necessary precautions by installing infrastructure to guarantee “social distancing” and installed home office.
Deliveries will continue as far as your company is receiving goods. PLEASE inform us on info@vulkoprin.be if we have to hold deliveries.

Take care & safe lives!
Your Vulkoprin Wheel Team

N.B.: Vulkoprin did offer safety masks to the Sint Andries hospital in Tielt. Follow us in doing the same!