Always on the right track with a wheel made of VULKOLLAN®


Our customer is a global player in the design and delivery of rail-related means of transport.



The vehicle, for which Vulkoprin was commissioned, is a battery powered machine for shunting equipment up to approximately 1000 tons. When moving a rotating set, obstacles must be overcome and drive has to be realized on various surfaces. The customer commissioned Vulkoprin to develop a compact drive wheel with maximum carrying capacity and optimal grip.



A “custom made” total wheel consisting of a Vulkollan® tyre in combination with a wheel core welded in our specialised construction workshop.



Perfect stability and low rolling resistance. In addition, an optimal life span is guaranteed. With a wheel diameter of only 660 mm and a payload of 9 tons, the drive wheel fits perfectly within the limited installation sizes of the customer’s vehicles.



This manufacturer develops and builds systems that are an integral part of a logistics process. The Vulkoprin solution helps the vehicle operator to operate safely. Furthermore, due to the low wear and tear, unplanned maintenance operations are kept to a minimum.