A tilting experience with a Vulkoprin/Vulkollan® tyre


Our customer has built up years of experience and reputation in the creation of machines for internal transport and handling goods.



In order to be able to quickly fill and empty boxes with goods, our customer has developed this box tipperThe boxes are rotated around their centre of gravity with the lowest power and the smallest space. Depending on the product and the permissible drop height, the contents are emptied into a fixed dosing bunker or an “EvenFlow” with movable transport bottom. Together with Vulkoprin, our customer went in search of a wheel solution with the perfect compromise between speed, high load capacity and shock load.



For this application Vulkoprin proposed wheels with a thick Vulkollan® coating of 92 sh A hardness. This PUR cover ensures a comfortable rolling on the metal rail, sufficient grip during acceleration and margin at the variable load. In addition, the thicker tyre resulted in optimal shock absorption during tilting.



Not only does our customer have the ideal, technical solution for his application with this wheel choice, but the end customer can also count on a maximum service life of his wheels in this rather abrasive environment in which this box tipper operates due to the high wear resistance of the Vulkollan® tyre. A cost saving in terms of maintenance and operational cost!